Seven's Team are young, ambitious and creative people, who by faith in their own abilities are able to meet any challenge. We specialize in the activities through which companies build relationships and strengthen relationships with their employees, business partners and customers, making them more competitive and achieve their objectives. Our advantage is having our own professional equipment. Each project is individual approach to your needs, we aim to provide customers with an unforgettable experience, and all of it is always in high spirits. Customers appreciate our responsiveness, well -planned project logistics and creative solutions. We work with many centers and hotels of varying standards and prices, depending on the requirements of our clients, so we are able to provide you with full support for both accommodation and catering. For your comfort and safety, each event has accident insurance.


In February 2012 at Magellan in Bronisławow took place the 10th anniversary of Molo Group. We received honorable award - Special Award for event with great pomp. There were Invited Customers as well as cooperating companies. We were extremely pleased to take a part in this event.

We want to thank for still fruitful cooperation with Molo Group and the statuette, which took a very important place in our company.

Event with great pomp

Award for Seven

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Zobacz galerię zdjęć

Video of Gala and Award ceremony

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